Top 10 Supernatural Creatures

Image source: Buzzboiler People of all cultures have created stories of supernatural beings on Earth to explain things they don’t understand. Or maybe these creatures exist because we love stories, – stories keep us going. Or maybe, like the invisible Dark Matter of the Universe, they really are real – just hiding out of sight […]


Top 10 Ancient Monuments You Didn’t Know About

Image source: Noisebreak Move aside Stonehenge, Machu Picchu. From the ancient relics of India to underwater ruins in Japan, from a giant stone slab in Georgia to an underwater Stonehenge, the mysterious ancient monuments in this list have baffled scientists and archeologists for centuries. They are also some of the lesser known mysterious ancient monuments, […]


Top 10 Amazing Restaurants In The World

Image Source: The Daily Meal Do you think a plain croissant tastes better when you have it under ornate marble roofs with ornate, royal chandeliers? Does spaghetti taste better in a grotto right by the sea, with the waves flowing below your feet? Some of the most amazing restaurants in the world are built in […]


Top 10 Interesting Things About Traveling In Space

Image Source: Sculpteo There must be more fascinating facts about space travel than there is about anything else. After all, traveling through vacuum and low gravity is nothing like travel on Earth! And with the first passenger flight around the moon (by SpaceX) planned for 2018, now is a good time to stay up to […]


Top 10 Books on Wildlife Photography

Image Source: Designer’s Hub Wildlife photography is tough and it is rewarding. This is a list of the best wildlife photography books around to inspire you. Some are photo books, full of stunning photos that well-known pros have taken. These will motivate you. Others are manuals and guide books to help you learn the craft. […]


Top 10 Trendy Dresses For Summer

It’s time to put away your winter clothes and bring out the light, summery fabrics, the bright prints, the maxi dresses and pretty skater dresses. You don’t have to break a bank to look good this summer, whether it’s at a cocktail party, the beach or a party under the stars. This is a list […]


Top 10 Hair Accessories for a Funky Look

There are some amazing hair accessories that you can try to change your look without having to change your hair. A simple hairstyle can immediately be upgraded for a date or a night out with friends, with some hair accessories for a funky look. The piece could be encrusted with stones or crystals for a […]


Top 10 Reasons Dogs Show Bad Behaviours

Your puppy may be the sweetest creature on the planet. But as she grows older, sometimes she may get aggressive towards strangers (friend or foe) or other pets, much to your distress. What could possibly cause behavior problems in older dogs? It’s important not to forget that no matter how much you treat your dog […]


Top 10 Innovations In Cinema

Technology has developed and with it cinema and films. Cinema innovations have come over the years in ways that are not only astounding but also completely breathtaking. The entire world has been taken by storm time and time again with some awesome innovations in cinema that have brought to life the impossible. In this article, […]


Top 10 Cities for Budget Travel in Europe

Everyone knows travel in Europe is notoriously expensive for the budget traveler – right? Or is it just a case of a few expensive cities having become representative of all Europe? Take this opportunity to explore the Cities for Budget Travel in Europe Image Source: Travel and Leisure   Even exorbitant Oslo has its free attractions […]