Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends Among Teens

The spring is about to begin and many people are eager to know what the new fashion trend will bet his season. Of those who like to look trendy, the teens are the prominent group. For them, the fashion is the way how to express their personality and how to show their social status. That […]


Top 10 Shocking Facts about Death Metal

The term death metal has become synonymous with our culture. Yet there is so much that is unknown about heavy metal music’s extreme subgenre. For the surprising novices, death metal is a combination of aggressive powerful drumming, deep growling vocals and screams, tremolo picking, palm muting, and low-tuned and heavily distorted guitars. Yet there are […]


Top 10 YesterYear’s Fashion Which Are Back Again

History ‘trends’ to repeat itself. This is especially true in the world of fashion and beauty. In this constant reincarnation of fashion trends, it is clear that the fashion of yesteryear can always be the fashion of today. We have compiled the top yesteryear’s fashion trends that have made it back to the runways and […]


Top 10 DIY Breakfast in Office

Forget the romantic image of the family having breakfast together before each member is leaving the house to his or her workplace or school. With the fast-moving lifestyle of our time, it is more than usual that people are eating their breakfast in their office. While it can be hardly the ambition of this short […]


Top 10 Scariest Bands of All Time

It is well known that certain musical styles are tightly connected with performing the show which can be easily called extreme by many people. Various bands use elements of horror or pretending of gory violence to multiply the spectator´s experience of the music. Is it exactly the type of music which can be either loved […]


Top 10 Amazing Chess Moves

Compiling the best chess moves of all time is not a job for a single day. It involves compiling all the best games played over centuries and analyzing the best chess moves. This could take years and most likely fill more than one book. However, we have made an effort at bringing to light the […]


Top 10 Humours Sign Boards of the Time

Signs are supposed to provide us with guidance on what to do and what to avoid. However, some signs despite the serious intent that they have provided end up being hilarious. We have scouted the internet and beyond for some of the most outrageously funny signboards. So from the funniest signs around the world, these […]