Top 10 Brass Statues To Give Your House An Antique Look

Different people like different styles of their homes. The modern look is definitely popular among many people but there is a large group of those who prefer to have as many antiques as possible in their flats or houses. Such houses have a special spirit which can take you to the past. Antiques like statues […]


Top 10 Tales of Sasquatch Sightings

Sasquatch or Bigfoot as we popularly call him is a creature that looks like an oversized ape with some human characteristics. The truth about its existence has not been exclusively proven because we depend on Sasquatch sightings reports from a number of people. Bigfoot could be real or not, but he sure holds a special […]


Top 10 Unbelievable Facts About Monsters

According to Wikipedia, the word “monster” is usually used in connection with some mythological creature which is causing fear or even physical harm to those who dare to cross its way. The word is derived from Latin “monstrum” which describes something that is wrong with the natural order of things. The modern meaning is various […]


Top 10 Maize Maze Designs in the UK

Maize maze designs find a special place in many hearts for their beauty and grand eloquence. Many people derive lots of fun from spending long hours with their loved ones running around the confusing paths of the crop fields hoping to catch treasures and have a good time. Maize maze designs in the UK are […]


Top 10 Gifts for Your Valentine

On February 14, Feast of Saint Valentine commonly known as ValentineĀ“s Day is celebrated in many countries all around the world. Although it was originally a liturgical feast day, it became a major commercial celebration generating billions for various businesses. The ValentineĀ“s Day is widely recognized as a day connected with the confession of love […]


Top 10 Fruits that will Make You Lose Weight

The topic of shedding weight is a relatively wide one. To stay on top of the game, one has to try a number of strategies and maintain them for better results. Checking on diet is one major way to lose weight and what better way to do this than feed on weight loss fruits? If […]


Top 10 Accessories for a Gorgeous Look

To write only ten accessories for a gorgeous look is an unfair task because the list never ends. However, we have sieved through many listings to come up with ten of the best stylish gorgeous look accessories every fashionable woman and man must have. Of course you are free to throw in other awesome stuff […]