Top 10 Black Friday Deals

The rush is on and we can feel it. The urgency to get what you need at the most affordable price can sometimes make us end up doing the complete opposite – buying a product at a higher price than you would have gotten. This is why we have compiled a list of the best […]


Top 10 Misconceptions About Weight Loss

It would be interesting to know what percentage of overall internet content is connected to the topic of weight loss. With the obsession for the perfect physical condition and beauty, our society is still hungry for new a ways to look good. Diets, workout, cosmetics… this business worth billions of dollars. So, what does it […]


10 Most Famous Movie Remakes Ever

Movie remakes are never really as regarded as the originals. That is the usual scenario. Psycho, Clash of the Titans, Pulse and The Wicker Man clearly earn points for being the worst movie remakes that have ever featured on our screens. Yet there are those chosen few who have stood out for being not just […]


Top 10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves are not only an accessory for cold weather. They are useful assets in the wardrobe for stepping up your outfit and bringing it into the limelight from the shadows where it once stood. This can only be fully achieved if you can find the best ways to wear a scarf. This is the reason […]


Top 10 Music Concerts of All Times

Live performances by music artists are something to be cherished especially when they pull off a mind-blowing performance that the world is unlikely to ever forget. Of these are some of the best live music concerts that the world would never forget. These artists and bands have engraved their names in history for providing their […]


Top 10 Humorous Situations in Politics

Mark Twain once said that politicians and diapers must be changed often. Our efforts at making those changes this year resulted on a candidate who claimed to help salvage a bankrupt country because “he has had a bunch of [6] bankruptcies.” Another choose to show the evil hidden underneath her laughs, making us think that […]


Top 10 Creative Best out of Waste Ideas

Rather than think of what you’ve got as waste why not think of them as an opportunity to show some ingenuity or creativity. Creativity is infinite and you can use this to generate your own. Turning our waste to serve our needs not only shows how ingenious we are but also helps save a bit […]


Top 10 Worst NBA Players in History

We all may want to go on about how Anthony Bennet has been a complete disaster. From being the number 1 draft pick in 2013 he has steadily descended into total mockery. He is not alone, right onto legends like Kwame Brown, many NBA players have earned infamy for being the worst NBA players in […]


Top 10 Most Powerful Engines Ever Built

Determining the most powerful engines ever built is entirely dependent on how you look at it. Engines are built for various machines from aircrafts to motorcycles, motor vehicles to trains, rockets to industrial turbines and so on. Because of this we have decided to compile a list that looks at the most powerful engines ever […]