Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters in History

Nature is giving us the environment necessary for our lives. Without nature, life would not be possible on planet Earth. But sometimes, nature can spin the ultimate vortex of destruction leading to great sufferings, loss of lives and incredible financial losses. Earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, fires, storms… all are much powerful than we are and […]


Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Films of the 21st Century

The sci-fi genre is a daring move for filmmakers. Sci-fi films came into existence with the beginning of the cinema age in the 19th century. The human imaginations came to life and grew over centuries. Technology greatly improved the sci-fi films genre. Most sci-fi movies now seem like a reality. There are countless fascinating 21st […]


Top 10 Fashion Shows of the 90s

The 90s are considered by many to be the decade of fashion. The fashion utopia is where many of the designers achieved their masterpiece collection. This era saw the runway taken up by top fashion shows. What was particularly interesting about these 90s fashion shows was the sheer courage and audacity with which the top […]


Top 10 Facts about Roman History

You might have learnt a little about the history of Romans in school but we are almost sure the teacher left out a great deal of information. Worry not. That is why we are going back in time to discover a few more facts about ancient Rome for your entertainment or curiosity needs. Hundreds, if […]

Top 10 Aquatic Depredators

Three-quarters of the Earth surface is covered by water. Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ponds… Even the smallest spill of water contains a specific ecosystem full of predators and their prey. Here is the list of some of the most interesting aquatic predators. Photo Credit: Wikipedia 10. Great white shark Photo Credit: CNBC OK, be honest. […]

Top 10 Epic Guitar Solos

This Top 10 countdown is focused on looking for the greatest guitar solo ever. Of course, this quest is doomed from the beginning. There are too many masterpieces to decide which one is above the others. Therefore, take this list as a list of examples of great music. And who knows, maybe these top 10 […]


Top 10 Foods that are More Expensive than Gold

In this tough life where atrocities often surround us, many people have come to the conclusion that there is only one loyal best friend in this world; one who never fails to fuel frenzy their feelings, and stirs incessant jubilation in their hearts. You’ve guessed it! It’s that very word that can instantly throw away […]

Top 10 Most Popular Political Websites

Politics never goes out of style. There is always something new happening every single day. The election season has been accompanied by heated debates and scandals. The existing government makes decisions that affect the general public directly or indirectly. Thanks to political news websites, the world has been able to keep up to date with […]


Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Space

It is still mind-blowing when we think about how massive our galaxy is. There are still a lot more amazing things about space that we are yet to understand. Everyday new discoveries emerge. Whilst is one of the more well-known space facts Mars could have supported life, Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have also raised […]


Top 10 Peculiar Houses of Europe

Architects in Europe have pushed themselves to extremes. They have designed strange-looking but incredible buildings that have attracted tourists across the world. From museums, malls, to peculiar poultry houses, these designs have intrigued. Below are the top ten Peculiar houses of Europe. Image credit: Rum and Monkey 10., Moscow, Russia. Image credit: Born Skier […]