Top 10 Crazy Stories About Musicians

Musicians are adored the world over. Their flashy lifestyles and expensive taste of things have made them the center of attention for many. Their fans are always out to see what their favorite super stars are up to. This makes the musicians some of the most influential people in the society. Their fans always keep tabs on what they are doing, where they go for their holidays, how they spend their weekends, where they shop and even what goes on behind closed doors at their homes. Fans are always interested about famous musicians stories.

This has led to crazy stories about musicians coming up in the media about these celebrities. Some of the stories are true but a good number of them cannot be substantiated. Any story done on a celebrity is almost certain to make news. This is because the media understands that this is an area of interest to many. This has made it difficult to distinguish facts from fiction as some media houses will put up stories just to increase their sales.

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Today we shall look at some of the stories that made headlines on crazy things that were done by musicians.

10. The Beatles

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This story is from some crazy musician stories. The Beatles, a famous rock band that rocked the world in the early 60`s met Bob Dylan, a song writer while they were out doing their US tour. Apparently, Bob Dylan had mistaken some of the lyrics to a popular song by The Beatles. He assumed that the Beatles smoked marijuana and therefore offered them some. This was not the case with The Beatles, however being spontaneous as they were, they took up Dylan`s offer and smoked the joint. They later wrote some of their popular songs from lyrics that they had when they were high.

9. Ozzy Osbourne

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There are crazy stories about musicians but this story, famous rock star once got drunk and decided to urinate on a plaque erected in honor of those who passed on. He was arrested and banned for a decade from accessing the city of San Antonio. This made it to the list of crazy musician stories.

8. Bowie

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This story is funniest among all the famous musicians stories. This famous musician was apparently caught with his wife naked in bed with another person. What surprised his wife and the world, however, was the fact that the other person in bed with Bowie was a man. Back in the 70`s, this wasn’t a common act. It made it to the list of crazy musician stories. The wife later went on record saying that though Bowie was naked, he certainly wasn’t caught in the act

7. Keith Richards

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This is one of the shocking stories from all the crazy stories about musicians. A talented guitarist, Keith a member of the famous band “Rolling Stones” was once asked by a journalist the strangest thing he had ever done. He calmly said that after his father passed on and was cremated, he snorted his ashes. This shocked everyone but Keith`s manager later claimed that it was a joke.

6. Nikki Sixx

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Motley Crue`s bass guitarist, Sixx, was a heroin drug addict, he once overdosed while at his heroin dealer`s place and blacked out, the heroin dealer tried to resuscitate him and later gave up when he thought that Sixx had died, he disposed of Sixx`s body in a nearby dumpster only for Sixx to later wake up in the trash.

5. Frank Zappa

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Frank Zappa gets a place in this famous musicians stories. During one of his performance, this famous American musician was attacked by a man from the audience. Zappa fell and was nearly killed. He suffered serious fractures, a head trauma and injured his back. From so many crazy stories about musicians, this one is totally unexpected.

4. Iggy Pop

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Iggy Pop comes in number 4th in famous musicians stories. A member of the famous band called The Stooges was once beaten into a pulp by a biker after he challenged him to a fight after a long performance full of insults targeted at the biker. The Stooges later released an album called Metallic K.O.

3. Jim Morrison

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This one can count as one of the ugliest among all the famous musicians stories. Jim Morrison while performing with his band, The Doors, he challenged the crowd to get naked as he did himself. To the utter dismay of others, the crowd actually started removing their clothes. He was later arrested and charged for indecent exposure.

2. Keith Moon

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In this story from crazy musician stories, Keith Moon also referred to as “Moon the Loon” by his fans was a drummer of a band known as “The Who”. He was famous for being incredibly destructive. He would throw furniture from high buildings and set objects on fire. His favorite, however, was to blow up toilets

1. Led Zeppelin

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This craziest among the all crazy musician stories. Led was banned from Edge Water, a famous hotel that was frequently visited by famous musicians. The reason behind this ban was because the hotel discovered that Led had caught Mud sharks and left them under the bed, in the hallways and even in the elevators.

Despite all the money and fame musicians are human beings and have at times done the weirdest of things. It is good to understand that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. Rather than judging them, it would make more sense to understand them and accept them as they are.

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